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Thanks for an enjoyable look at your quality photos.
Beautiful work. Great angles and fabulous subjects & views.
Phenomenal Photography at its Best!
Wow! Absolutely stunning. Thank you for putting this online.
Just discovered your site! Love your work!
Just discovered your site! Love your work!
Very creative, professional work that catches the eye and grabs your imagination !!!
Gert Jan(non-registered)
My visit to your website really brings a smile on my face. I just love your black and white photography.
It was a pleasure to visit your website and to watch your great work!

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Gert Jan
Lunasa Photography
Thank you all for your continued support!

I received an email from "Crystal", however the email address I try to reply to keeps being returned. Please resend with an alternative email for me to respond to.

Happy 2014 everyone!
Andrew Miller(non-registered)
As an amateur photographer, I'm absolutely blown away by the stunning photographs and moments that you have captured. And I'm jealous as hell! :) Keep up the great work! Your "eye" is spot on - and mark my words - you will make a name for yourself with these quiet yet breathtaking images!
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